This game is an updated port of the 1997 Dendy bootleg game by Aleksandr Chudov, "Путешествие по Европе" (Traveling across Europe). In the game, your goal is to visit every country on the map and correctly answer questions about the country in question. Traveling costs money, which can be made with correct answers or by taking part in one of the minigames.

This port features some differences from the original game:

  • It's in English instead of Russian
  • It features a map of Europe that's accurate to this day
  • It has a password system that will record the countries you visited, as well as a rough amount of money you have
  • The slots minigame has a fair RNG, but was made easier to win to accomodate for that

This version of the game was made for the PICO-8 edu-game jam and may contain bugs and oversights -- after optimizing the game to fit all the limits of the PICO-8, I had little time to debug -- but it should be 100% playable.


You start off with €100 and a choice of any country to start from. Visiting a country requires correctly answering the question of what it's named. In addition, questions about the country's capital, flag and neighbors can give you extra money.

Visiting other countries requires money based on the distance. Money is earned either via correctly answering questions or playing minigames that are available whenever you don't have enough. (You can also train at the minigames from the title screen.)


Directional buttons: move the cursor on the map, move the menu item cursor, interact with the minigames

🅧 button ([X] or [V] key): slow down the cursor on the map, exit the minigames

🅞 button ([Z] or [C] key): choose the country, choose the menu item, interact with the minigames

PAUSE button ([ENTER] or [P] key): open the pause menu, where you can restart the game, see your password and adjust PICO-8 settings

Password system

The password system uses 12-character passwords to store the list of countries visited, your last location and a rough amount of money (€50, €100, €200 or €400). The password is available in the pause menu, whenever you have at least 50 euro and have visited at least one country. Selecting the item in the pause menu copies the password to your device's clipboard.

If you have a valid password in the clipboard and PICO-8 can see it (you might need to press CTRL-V for that), the "paste" menu item is available on the password screen.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date Dec 02, 2021
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPICO-8
Tagseurope, geography, PICO-8
Average sessionA few minutes


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Raw PICO-8 cartridge image (v6) 44 kB
Raw PICO-8 cartridge image (jam v5) 44 kB
Linux executable (v6) 720 kB
macOS executable (v6) 3 MB
Raspberry Pi executable (v6) 2 MB
Windows executable (v6) 962 kB

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increasing money is good idea . And ,learning geography is useful for travel.

I want to learn by this. :)


very nice!

not good for me because i suck at geography but hey, some people are!